Marble Blast Rewrite

MBHaxe is an impressive project that brings the classic Marble Blast Gold, Platinum, and Ultra games to life through the use of the Haxe programming language that can be played directly in your web browser or downloaded for Windows, Mac, and Android platforms.

MBHaxe is an entirely separate project from OpenMBU. Additional features of MBHaxe include:

  • Replay System: You can record your run using the built-in replay system and watch it later
  • Rewind: You can rewind your marble by enabling rewind in the Options and holding down the rewind key (defaults to R)
  • Controller Support: Full controller support is added to Marble Blast Ultra, with incomplete support for the rest
  • Touch Controls: Available in the web (mobile) and android versions

Play the web ports

Marble Blast Ultra
Marble Blast Platinum
Marble Blast Gold

Download for Windows or Mac

Marble Blast Ultra
Marble Blast Platinum
Marble Blast Gold

Mac Instructions (Important)
Put the .app file in either /Applications or ~/Applications in order to run it properly. You will also have to bypass Gatekeeper since the .app is not signed.

Download for Android

Marble Blast Ultra
Marble Blast Platinum
Marble Blast Gold


Help! It shows a black screen when playing a level!

Your PC does not support the game, please upgrade it, there is nothing I can do about it to fix it.

How accurate are the marble physics?

Very accurate with up to 1% deviation from the original physics. The deviations are due to traplaunches being slightly different and occasional internal edge collisions, and the lower delta t values for physics simulations.

How do I change my resolution?

In browser, you can just resize your window. You can use the browser zoom feature (ctrl + scroll) to change the UI size. In native version, you can just resize the window if windowed or use the resolution options in the menu or just directly modify settings.json

How do I change my FOV?

Edit settings.json for native version, edit the MBHaxeSettings key in LocalStorage in browser.
In the platinum version, there is an FOV slider.