OpenMBU 1.17 has been released


Hi everyone! We are pleased to announce the release of OpenMBU 1.17.

This update is our biggest one to date, bringing new features, content, bug fixes, and general improvements.

Some key highlights include the ability to set your gamertag, support for custom levels (which automatically transfer over the network to players who don’t have them), Discord Rich Presence integration, and support for standard 3D file formats. This means maps created in 3D modeling software can now be played in OpenMBU.

We’ve also revamped and added cut levels from Marble Blast Ultra, such as Skate Park Square, Gravity Tower, and Battle Tetra. The original Marble City is also back, along with Polysoup from the MBU XNA demo that was showcased at Microsoft’s 2006 GameFest conference.

Furthermore, we’ve introduced multiple physics modes, one of them is MBUSlopes which combines the physics from MBU and the XNA demo for easily rolling up steep slopes, enhancing gameplay on levels like Polysoup.

New controller options have been added for customizing deadzones, camera speed, camera acceleration, and disabling auto camera-centering. There are also two new options to simulate a modded controller and keyboard input.

We’ve made several bug fixes and improvements, with a major one being the multiplayer early-start bug, a long-standing issue from the Xbox 360 version that’s frustrated players.

We hope you enjoy this release and have fun playing the new levels. A lot of dedication, passion, and hard work went into this update, and everyone on the OpenMBU team was involved.

Lastly, don’t forget to check out the Marble Blast web ports that can be played in your web browser. They’re perfect for playing Marble Blast games anytime, anywhere, like during school or work breaks!

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