Welcome to MarbleBlastUltra.com, a fansite dedicated to the Marble Blast franchise.

Whether you’re a diehard fan or a newcomer to Marble Blast, you’ll find a warm and welcoming community here. Our forums and Discord server are a great place to connect and hang out with other fans and stay updated on the latest news and developments on OpenMBU and all things Marble Blast.

For those familiar with the site since 2006, MarbleBlastUltra.com was originally owned by GarageGames and served as the game’s official site, but it was never really updated or used for anything. In 2011, the site was acquired by our friends and repurposed as a fansite with an active community and forums. Over the years, it underwent some changes with different people taking care of it. In 2016, it was announced the site would no longer be maintained due to the perceived decline of the franchise.

But now, thanks to the growing popularity of our project, OpenMBU, and the renewed interest it has sparked in the Marble Blast franchise, we’re back with renewed dedication and passion.

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